Crack Repair – Chicagoland Concrete & Waterproofing

1. How Chicagoland injects the sealant:

image4Chicagoland drills into the foundation and utilizes an industrial pump at 6000 psi which stops the water at the exterior surface before it can enter your wall.
(High tech surgery)

The right way to repair cracks!

2. The sealant that Chicagoland uses:

Chicagolnnd uses only 100% urethane, which completely fills any crack, including hairlines.


We use an unscented surface epoxy with no unpleasant odor, meaning you can stay in your home.

3. Only a Chicagoland technician will be doing your work.

Chicagoland has highly trained technicians who have been with the company over 20 years. An owner will be at your site to make sure you are satisfied.


Other Companies

1. How does your company inject the sealant?

image1Other companies use a hand caulk gun at 120 psi (pounds per square inch), which only coats the interior surface. (Think of a band-aid)

The wrong way to repair cracks!!!

2. What kind of sealant does your company use?

image2Other companies use 50% urethane, which bubbles and foams leaving air pockets.

3. Who will be doing my work?

image3Other companies could contract out your job, or use a revolving door of day workers.