Crawl Space

Water damage or flooding to your crawlspace can cause a variety of structural problems and health concerns. Excess humidity caused by the evaporation of standing water or wet soil conditions in your crawlspace will cause mold and bacteria growth on the wooden floor joists and the bottom of sub flooring.

Crawlspace water can also cause the insulation to lose it’s R Value or even fall down.We have seen hardwood floor cupping and buckling when crawlspace moisture is high. In addition, mold growth in the living area can occur, especially where the walls and floor meet. Waterborne bacteria and mold can enter duct work and cause significant indoor air quality problems. Getting the water out of your crawlspace FAST is of the utmost importance.

With more than 30 years experience in waterproofing and insulating crawl spaces in the Chicagoland area, we will evaluate your problem and develop a solution that will keep your crawl space dry and warm. We can add drain tile and a crawl space sump pump, and totally seal the interior and exterior foundation with a lifetime water barrier membrane.
One call to Chicagoland solves it all.

A crawlspace conversion is the act of converting the area into a more usable space. Depending on your need, you can convert your crawlspace into many different types of room. These might include a basic basement, an office, bedroom, home gym, work shop, or garage. However, this will require some major remodeling as you will need to dig out the space, making it large enough to walk through. Converting a crawlspace is becoming more popular for people who can not afford to buy a new home, or do not want to move. Chicagoland is a full service waterproofing and concrete company. We will dig out your crawl space and convert it into a new dry living space.