Consequences of a long-term basement leak in your home:

Mold and mildew: For some, a leak in one’s in-ground storage area has become such a regular occurrence they have learned to ignore the puddles. What a mistake! The first thing you will likely notice under these circumstances is that dank, mildew-y smell that can easily creep into your home from your basement, making your living space smell like a cave. In the simple terms of a more pleasant at-home life, you should deal with your basement leak now.

Property value: When water is permitted to exist in unintended areas of a home, this creates plenty of problems that sooner or later affect the value of your home. Mold and mildew spreads like wildfire, and it is a resilient beast to get rid of – just ask any property manager at any apartment complex. Water is one of the most corrosive elements in nature, and any wood, drywall or various other materials in its path is eventually doomed to disintegration. A basement leak is serious business.

Malaise: Mold also eats away at various materials, but the bigger concern is the threat posed to you and your loved ones because mold is known to trigger a myriad of illnesses to your health. The longer water is allowed to pool in your basement, the more mold can develop and the greater the risk for moderate to severe symptoms. Mold in the home caused by a basement leak is known to cause itchy eyes and skin, induce coughing and sneezing, and for those with certain preexisting conditions, various infection. Prolonged exposure to severe mold may cause headaches, dizziness and even may affect your sense of smell.

The Solution

Thankfully, we can offer you quick and immediate assistance for your basement leak. We will get to your home and remove all unwanted water. Then we will troubleshoot the problem areas causing the puddles, finding and sealing any leak-inducing cracks and installing a system to prevent this from happening again in the future. We provide various methods and options for you in preventing leaks, such as waterproofed barriers and selective pumping systems. We are the most trusted name in Chicago and our surrounding communities when it comes to any issue involving concrete and foundational repairs.