The Basement Drain Main System

design integrates the baseboard system with the subfloor tile system. Water soaking in around the foundation creates hydrostatic pressure. Holes tapped into the base of the blocks release the pressure. Water flows through this low profile system to a sump-pump. The concrete floor is then poured over the Basement Drain Main.


We start by excavating your current basement
floor and installing foundation drain tile pipe.

Then we install Aqua Drain Curtains around the foundation to waterproof and expel any water into the foundation tiles.

We finish by pouring a new concrete floor. We do not outsource any part of your project!

Aqua Drain curtains come in white for a finished look.

We install an industrial strength sump pump with a back up pump and battery.

Benefits of the Aqua Drain Curtain System:

  • Greatly brightens up your basement.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Easy to clean, simply wash off any dirt.
  • Replaces the “painted on” coating which will peel and eventually allow water to penetrate through the walls.