About Us

"The Company with a Big Heart", We Treat You Like Family.

Chicagoland Waterproofing evaluates the needs of your property’s ground services and solves them in ways you have never thought possible.

We cover all things concrete – all the things you know about and the things you do not yet know about – and then we do a little more.

We bring more than three decades of experience and multi-generational know-how to each and every jobsite, and we put ourselves in your shoes.

That’s our point of view while providing service to your property; we work harder than any contractor to earn your trust, while keeping our prices very competitive.

The following is just some of what we do to improve your property

  • Basement and Foundation: It does not get more basic than a home or business’s foundation; it is the core of your property and it is where many concerns begin for property owners.

  • Waterproofing: When it comes to services for this in-ground level of your home, safety must come first. Water seepage may be a common problem for basements, but you owe it to yourself and your household’s occupants to deal with the puddles right away. A basement can be a most overlooked and underrated area of a home; it is plenty of square footage to take advantage of. However, even if you simply want to use it for storage, a dank basement is severely handicapped.

  • Mold: It is obvious that mold is to be avoided, yet so many who put off their basement leaks should realize that mold is a natural result of moist hidden spaces. Mold brings a variety of health hazards, from a mild allergic response to breathing issues to life-threatening infections. That old mildew-y smell also starts from the basement and creeps into your home. A dank basement offends on multiple levels.

  • Crawl Space Conversion or Dig Out: A conversion, or dig out, is the process of digging out the area beneath your home where your crawlspace is. We dig the area to a depth of 7 – 9 feet, or the size of a full basement and can provide access to an outside entrance with pre-fab doors. A concrete or cement floor and walls are put in place, giving you a solid foundation and fresh, dry basement. One of the biggest advantages of a crawl space conversion is the vastly increased space available for storage. As any homeowner with a crawl space can tell you, they are not so great for storage. Converting to a basement gives you much more space to store your valued possessions…and you can do it in a dry environment, free of the fear of water damages. Digging out your crawlspace and turning into a basement is a sure-fire way to dramatically increase the value of your house.

Chicagoland Waterproofing is a full service waterproofing company, we dig out your basement and pour your concrete. Unlike other waterproofing companies, we do not outsource any part of your project.