Does the sound of rain send a chill down your spine?

Sweating or Seepage Through Basement Walls:
Excess moisture in the soil creates “hydrostatic pressure” that can cause cracks, which allows water to seep into your living space.

Window Wells:
Window wells, if not properly drained, can collect water, allowing it to enter through the seam between the window and the concrete stem wall.

Under the Footer:
If not properly drained, excess water under the structure may create pressure and cause water to find its way through small cracks and into your basement.

Floor Cracks:
Excess water in the soil under your basement floor can sometimes create pressure, causing water to find its way through cracks and onto your basement floor.

Over the Footer:
Common construction techniques leave a space between the foundation wall and the spread footing, allowing water to seep through. This often causes damage to the inside of your home or makes the basement space unusable for storage or recreation.

Yard Drainage:
If your neighbor’s land stands at a higher elevation than yours, you may be experiencing problems with excessive moisture on your property. Water from your neighbor’s property may be running down the slope and spilling onto your property. Low spots in your yard can pool water.

Overhead sewer:
The house waste water from above grade (usually from first floor and above) drains to the city or village sewer main by gravity, and all waste water from below grade (usually all the basement plumbing fixtures) drain into a basin in the basement from which it is discharged into the gravity overhead sewer line by a pump.

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